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Cep/Porcini MushromWild Mushrooms and Game

September is harvest season, loads of different vegetables around, and wild mushrooms are in season. Plus game is coming back in so treat yourself to some rich dishes using either or both of these.

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Baby Foodie

Baby foodieYou want to give them the best. The best food for them, but also a well developed palete so that they can grow up to enjoy food to it's fullest throughout their lives.

There are only good things, no nasties in our baby food recipes.

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Slow Food, Fast Ride

Thousands of people take on the challenge of John O’Groats to Land’s End (or JOGLE) every year. Many use roadside burger vans as their main source of food – JOGLE 2010, or Slow Food Fast Ride, is aiming to change that by linking people with local food producers as they pass through the beauti ...

September 5, 2010 read full post...


Central LondonCanteen great British food
Canteen is clearly trying to establish itself in the British institutional tradition - if this is the kind of modern day institution that forms the new British tradition then we can all be proud to have heaved ourselves into the 21st century with dignity and style...

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