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Bacon, Cabbage and Potatoes
Created by urbanfoodie, Monday, 21 September 2009
This recipe is a colourful delight on the plate and a salty medley of gorgeousness in the mouth. A Nigel Slater recipe from the paper, thanks Nigel!
At a glance
1/2 cabbage (Savoy is the king of cabbages and best for this dish)
1 carrot
4 medium potatoes (or 2 handfuls new pots in season)
4/5 rashers of bacon
1 big clove garlic
1 medium onion
Olive oil, P (no S)
1 Chop onion and peel and dice potatoes (new pots only need scrubbing and halving)
2 Heat some olive oil in frying pan over a medium heat, add potatoes, cover pan and cook for 10 mins, stiring occasionally
3 Uncover pan and add onions, mix well, cook for 5 mins (until potatoes are very nearly done)
4 Chop carrots into thin flat strips, add to pan, cook for a further 10 mins
5 Cut bacon up and add to pan, cook until bacon is browning nicely (7-10 mins)
6 Chop up cabbage, crush garlic, grind some pepper and add to pan, mix carefully (it wil be a full frying pan by now) and cover, cook for 3-5 mins stirring occasionally, it is done when cabbage has a few brown tinges on some of it's edges
7 Serve hot with nothing more than a bit of mustard or caremelised onion chutney on the side
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